When we engage in worship and prayer, we are not floundering and left to our own soulish thoughts and feelings. God has given us tools (the Word) and an expert (His Holy Spirit) in the use of those tools. In this session, you will experience greater conviction of the importance of engaging Holy Spirit and the Word in prayer. You will learn practical ways to hear and respond to the Lord, especially in the place of corporate prayer leading.

Psalms 45:8 says, “Out of ivory palaces, stringed instruments have made You
glad.” There is continuous music in the throne room of God. In heaven, there are “flashes of lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder.” Psalms 33:3 says” Play skillfully unto the Lord.” The Lord loves to be ministered to with music; it moves His heart. In this lesson, I will teach you the basics of musicianship: how to play from your head and your heart, what to do once the song is over, how to flow spontaneously/prophetically with your instrument, and how to support a worship leader as a musician.


Why do we get burned out? Why do we end up bored with what we first loved to do? When did ministry get complicated? In this breakout session we will discuss the importance of why our “why” is foundational to ot only ministry, worship leading and creating, but in life. Let’s learn to behold before we become anything.


Jesus said that His house would be a house of prayer for all nations. Brick by brick, He places each of us like living stones into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. As levitical priests we first and foremost fulfill the first and greatest commandment to love the LORD our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. In so doing, we learn how to come before His presence, how to minister to His heart, and how to go out full of His Spirit to be kings and priests in the earth.

During King David’s reign, he appointed Levites to minister before the Lord, day and night. These Levites were to be skilled musically in both playing instruments and singing all having the ability to prophesy. In this session we will unpack the way in which Electric Guitar can be used to "accompany singers, and other musicians in songs of praise to God”(1 Chron 16:42).

When King David decided to establish his earthly kingdom around the presence of God, he said, “If it seems good to you, and if it is of the Lord our God...let us bring the ark of our God back to us, for we have not inquired at it since the days of Saul” (1 Chronicles 13:2-3). The word inquired in Hebrew is darash which means to seek God through prayer and worship. UPPERROOM defines prayer as relationship with God. Prayer, then, is the foundation of our life in God. Prayer reestablishes the Garden of Eden reality of walking with God in the cool of the day. This workshop will explore what a lifestyle of prayer looks like, starting from an eternal global movement perspective, working our way down to a personal lifestyle of prayer.

Our priority is to document what the Lord is doing.
The more the Lord does, the more we move.
In this session, Jony will talk about how to approach media in the 2019 church.
How to cultivate creativity that compliments the message. Be ready to dive deep into philosophy of creativity in the church as well as get practical with some Questions and Answers.


Oscar Gamboa is the Associate Worship Director/Music Director at UPPERROOM Dallas. He has been serving at UPPERROOM since 2012. Oscar began playing music 13 years ago with his brothers, Julian and Gabriel, and his cousin, Sebastian. He has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Caroline, for one year.

Traes Howard is the Chief Levite of UPPERROOM. He began serving in the original UPPERROOM leading worship for early morning prayer meetings in the summer of 2010. Since that time he has Fathered a generation of modern-day Levites who faithfully minister to the heart of the LORD morning, noon, and night. Traes has a Masters in Practical Theology from the King’s University and has served in worship ministry since 1993. Traes and Donna have been married since 1995 and have three amazing children: Arden, Maggie-Kate, and Anders.

Garrett Hardy is an electric guitar player and band lead at UPPERROOM Dallas. He and his wife Hannah have been attending UPPERROOM since January 2015. Garrett has facilitated the growth of guitarists and other instrumentalists throughout his time serving in the Prayer Room. He graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute in 2013, and through that time, he built relationships with many of the staff and worship leaders currently serving in various roles at UPPERROOM.

“I have been leading worship for almost 10 years, the last two years at UPPERROOM. My prayer life and ministering to the Lord started when I was 15 years old. I sat in my room during the middle of the night just me, my guitar and a burning heart. Over the last 10 years, the calling on my life has been evident for the lifestyle of worship and raising up people in the Lord; to make disciples and equip worshipers.”

Joel Figueroa was born in California but grew up in South Texas for the majority of his life. He moved to Dallas at the age of 18 to attend bible school and there discovered his life long passion: the Lord. Joel has been a part of the UPPERROOM family for 6 years and aside from leading worship, he really likes to laugh, eat good food, talk about animals, hang out with his friends, and workout. Joel’s “why” is simple but has completely interrupted his life: He wants to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Corey Russell’s passion is to awaken the church to the Beauty of Jesus, Intimacy with the Holy Spirit, the Revelation of Intercession and a Longing for Jesus’ return. He has written 5 books and released 5 Prayer CD’s. He and his family spent 18 years in Kansas City, MO with International House of Prayer and is currently on the Global Upper Room Staff based in Dallas, TX. He has been married to his wife, Dana for over 20 years and has 3 daughters.

I’m honored to be the Creative Director at Upperroom.
I get to work with incredibly talented people.
I am married to a Mexican, Guatemalan, American named Sarah.
We just had a baby a few months ago. Her name is Loua.
They both are the prettiest.
I like things that are creative. They often are thoughtful. Not always colorful.


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