3 Day Genius Team Brief

This team will be a part of the first impressions during the 3 DAY weekend.
The goal is to connect with each and every person. Best way to connect is through positive conversation.


How you can initiate conversation:
1. Smile
2. Say, 'Hello' 
3. Ask them a question. For example, "How are you?"
4. Wave
5. Talk in an upbeat voice


Conversation starters:
  1. Do you attend UPPERROOM Dallas or another Local Campus?
  2. How did you hear about UPPERROOM?
  3. How long have you been attending UPPERROOM?
  4. Do you currently serve at UPPERROOM?
  5. What are you hoping to get out of this 3DAY weekend?


Things you will want to know:
1. All local Campuses (Dallas, Denver, Frisco, New Delhi)
2. Prayer set for Dallas Campus (all campuses do have prayer sets. Reference social media 'Highlights'.)
3. Campus Pastors (who they are - Denver is Dwayne Roberts, Dallas is Kevin Tipps, Frisco Jeremey Shuck, New Delhi Joshua David).
4. What 3DAY Vision is (see below)
5. How to GIVE *Online through www.upperroom.co
6. Information about the Partners Lunch (see below)
7. How to sign up for the NL (for any campus - go to their campus website)


Show them . . .
1. Instagram - Use this as a way to engage with them. Have them follow our account(s)
2. Youtube - Do people watch us online? Do they want to have access to all our archives and special teachings we don't offer online? ...
3. The Cloud - UPPERROOM Cloud will be a monthly subscription (i.e. like Netflix or Spotify). Each subscriber will have access to exclusive teachings and archives that will be uploaded and only available on the platform. Find Jony or Frank to show you/us how people can subscribe immediately when you show this if someone is interested.
4. Have they heard our new 'Moments 004'? Show them how to get this album on their Apple Music or create a playlist on Spotify.


How to get involved at a local campus:
1. Do you attend on a regular basis?
2. Have you signed up to receive the weekly Newsletter?
3. Do you come to prayer sets?


UPPERROOM Vision : UPPERROOM's heart is to help equip the praying church.
3DAY Vision : These 3DAYS are mean to be an equipping weekend in our culture of Prayer, Presence and Worship.


Partner's Lunch
An informational lunch will be hosted by Senior and Founding Pastors Michael and Lorisa Miller on Saturday October 26th from 11:45-1:15pm (1337 Chemical St. Dallas, TX).  This lunch will be a time to learn more about the opportunity to financially partner with UPPERROOM and what the Lord is doing in these last days.


Local Nearby Food:
1. Pie Tap Pizza (Gourmet Pizza)
2. El Bolardo (Gourmet Mexican)
3. Eatzi's (Food Market)
4. Ascensions (Coffee and Cafe-type food)
5. Mama Daughter Diner (Classic Diner/Southern)
6. Rodeo Goat (Burgers)
7. Fuel City Tacos (Taco Stand)
8. Alamo Draft House (Movies and Food)
9. Cafe Herrera's (Mexican)
10. Glorias (Spanish/Peruvian) 
11. Enos Pizza
12. Taco Deli
13. Houndstooth (Coffee)