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A voice memo by Michael Freeland Miller.

Stepping over the sandy, blurred line between being a child and an adult is not for the faint of heart…but everyone does it.

We pick up the suitcases of past experience, the hat boxes of memories, and the backpacks full of dreams to walk, ever so led by time, into the great unknown.

Welcome to your 20s.

What they don’t tell us (or what we forget to hear) is that between schools and graduations and dates and engagements and jobs and more jobs is that there are so many more themes to life than having one dream and achieving it.
There is the in-between.
The decade of discovering.

The decade laid out even to the Israelites to be a time of resting in a bed of grace and learning.
The decade to wrestle and come out leaning.
The decade to discover self and discover truth.

(See, you’re not crazy. And you’ve never been alone.)

And in the discovering, it is important to hold on to the remembering, regardless of what may come.

Remember this as you carry on:

We have seen Him soothe a crying baby on an airplane and we have seen Him change nations.
We have seen Him help a young girl pick out the right dress for prom and we have seen Him lead victims of abuse to wholeness.
We have seen Him direct family gatherings at holiday time and we have seen Him choreograph a sky full of shooting stars.

He leads us beside quiet streams and He also trains our hands for war.
He has held the sun in its place and He holds our hearts.

We have called Him mountain-mover and we know that He is able.
God puts our whole lives.
Every step.
In order.

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