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CULTURE: Multigenerational Family

A small movie on our culture. 

︎ Home

Whether alone or surrounded by a multitude we are, at any given moment, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. In our twentys we’re at war -- but never alone in our efforts. Fathers and mothers command, lead, and call us higher amid the smoke and dirt of the battlefield.

And as fathers and mothers, our hearts are to see our children grow in stature, to triumph, and to surpass us. But most importantly, our hearts are for them to grow close to THE Father. In this, His nature is shown in every embrace, every conversation, every prayer for our kids -- our voices becoming echos of His heart for them and even for ourselves.

To visit one of our prayer rooms - choose a campus to visit. 

︎ 1350 Manufacturing St. Dallas, TX 75207
︎ partner@uroom.org