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Corey Russell Is Joining Our Family.

A quick of update of our family growing.


“Corey Russell’s coming to Dallas YO! It’s crazy! Corey, Dana (his bride), Trinity (who is in Colorado Springs), Maya, and Hadasa will be coming down to join the UPPERROOM. So it’s ‘on like D-Kong’! It’s gonna be so much fun and I’m super super stoked.

I think it was August 2017, I was watching Corey just randomly on a social media feed and I felt the Holy Spirit say “He’s gonna be a running buddy of yours” and I didn’t know what that would look like. I had the opportunity to meet with him two months later. We connected one afternoon and just really, really, really hit it off and developed a deep friendship from there. He came down a couple times, we talked on the phone a ton, I went up to Kansas City, I’d had some dreams, and they’d had some revelations, words. God was just speaking to us separately and we started connecting dots together that the Lord was gonna transition them to UPPERROOM Dallas.

So I was just honored! I didn’t have a big plan for that, I did have a ton of excitement for it. We started dreaming, scheming, planning -- and it looks like Corey‘s gonna come in to really fan into the culture of prayer at UPPERROOM. As you know we do morning, noon, and night prayer in a couple cities, we hope to plant UPPERROOMs globally and just put people in proximity to the presence around prayer. Making prayer fun, making it filled with faith and freedom and creating spaces where there’s vision for prayer. I think it’s one the most unexplored invitations that we have as the Church, to understand what Jesus meant when He said “My house will be a house of prayer.” And no one carries the revelation of intercession and prayer as a discipline, prayer as a lifestyle, and a passion for prayer than Corey Russell.

So I am stoked for what he’s gonna do, not only in our culture but I think in the church at large. I feel we’re called to help equip the Body: help churches, and church leaders gather around the place of prayer. Called to just put vision on prayer -- where we can deepen prayer cultures, where we can give them tools to create prayer cultures within existing culture. So I’m fired up about it, Corey is just so strategic -- I’m still pinching myself.

Corey’s a good, good dude. He’s gonna become a Cowboys fan, he’s probably gonna become a Texas Ranger fan, definitely a Dallas Mavericks fan -- he’s gonna like Texas barbecue now -- you know there’s just so much, so much ahead of him. It’s the promised land. (haha) Just getting super stoked to build a bridge between UPPERROOM and Kansas City (IHOPKC) and what they’re doin’ there. I have so much respect for those guys and love them. So yeah yeah yeah -- go Jesus!”

-- Transcribed from a voice recording by Michael Freeland Miller.

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