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A journal entry by our Senior Pastor Lorisa Miller.


I never sought out this leadership role.  I used to squirm, resist, and resent it.  I was afraid of it.   Until it dawned on me that it’s an honor, a privilege, a responsibility, and a calling—to seek His face, to love Him, to feed His sheep.

Most of us, like my four children, would prefer the taste of cupcakes to broccoli.  But my kids have been entrusted to my care. And because I love them, I make them eat broccoli, and salmon, and other nutritious foods.  

As easy as it would be to just give them what they want, I give them what is good for them.  Sometimes it’s not popular, comfortable, fun, or enjoyable.  When I stand up to share about warnings of false teaching that will appeal to our sensuality, I face similar feelings.  It would be easier to just not. go. there.  But then I’d be violating my own conscience and the real truth of the real Jesus.  He is too real, too near, and too good for me to leave out the meat of who He is.

I live to see people burn with passion for Jesus because they have come face to face with the passion He has for them.  This burn, this passion, this power, this love, is whole-sale, all-in.  He takes us as we are and we must accept Him for all that He is—not just the parts that are more palatable, tolerable, PC, and acceptable.

I want all of Jesus, and I want to lead people to all of Him.

So, when I began to put my finger on the pulse of the body, I sensed some confusion, scattering, and an openness to deception.  It was in that place that I found myself compelled by love for my King and His love for His bride.  With fear and trembling, I am studying and sharing what He warned would come during our days.  May He find me faithful to feed His sheep and love His bride!


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