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A letter from our UPPERROOM Dallas Women’s Pastor.

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When a seed is planted down into the soil, its development is not immediate. It’s a process. Over time it grows into a flower and when it is mature it will bloom.

When I think about a woman, there is something fierce within her. She has the ability to create, carry and deliver life. She walks in beauty, nurtures and transforms. In her truest state, she causes others to be themselves. A woman is a powerful being. Sometimes, it helps to be reminded.

The heartbeat behind the Bloom Conference is for us, dear women to come together to remember our value, purpose, beauty, to be empowered, renewed, encouraged, transformed and set free. There is power in gathering with one another. Coming into close proximity with each other and into the presence of Jesus can activate his spirit to transform us into the likeness of who he is, wherever we're at in the process. Because just like the seed that is planted, we desire to be watered, rooted and established in him.

Oh, daughters, this will be sacred space. Can you visualize it with me…women of all ages in one room, loving on our King, praying, worshipping, declaring, equipping, imparting and connecting as mothers and daughters! Suddenly we’re awakened, we step into our power, our purpose and the enemy is defeated.

Whether you’re 21, 38, 44, or 85, come ready to give and receive. My heart is for this to be a multigenerational event. We need each other to grow. This conference is not about a spiritual high but about bearing lasting fruit.

My hope is that we will walk out in full BLOOM.
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UR Dallas Women’s Pastor

Jevanna Cherrington

︎ 1350 Manufacturing St. Dallas, TX 75207
︎ partner@uroom.org