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A moment and words by Joel Figueroa.

Listen to Moments II here.

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Time. Time spent. Together.
With six hundred people or more.
Or just me. Him.

I’ve come to realize that what He dreams for me, what He has planned, involves me, but its much, much bigger than me. And I’m not talking about a platform.
I’m talking about stepping into a dream that only God could have thought of, written in His journal as He looks at you and I. He takes time to dream for you and me. Think about that.

I don’t know if God is thinking much about influence or leaving an imprint in this world, although I admire those who have used their influence to lead others back to Him. I think God is looking for those that believe His words, that believe in what He’s said in secret. I think God is looking for those who still believe God is here, right here, right now. The ones that know He may move and speak at any moment. I think God wants to live life every day with you and me, not just on Sundays or during conferences. I think God is looking for people who want to be friends with Him. If influence comes, great. And if a platform knocks on a door? Well, we’ll thank Him for it.
But I believe He’s looking for friends.

People who know Him. Those that give Him space because He’s real. He’s literally real.

MOMENTS II reminds me God wants to be noticed. He delights in space given. Whatever that might be, He enjoys being noticed in a room full of people. And its not because He’s an insecure God that needs to be reminded He’s God. No, not at all.

He knows that when we notice Him, we are changed. When we catch His eyes, we find life again. He knows that within Himself, we find ourselves again.

You see, He is selfless even in manifesting Himself.

MOMENTS II is a group of people being changed by His presence.

And someone pressed “record.”

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