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Prayer is an Occupation — Corey Russell

A voice memo by Corey Russell.

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“I’ve got more tears these days than I do language. I feel that room, [the prayer room], you want to steward that room — that’s a holy gift. That’s a holy gift. That’s a holy calling to stand before the Lord — that’s a holy calling. Just to be before Him, be with Him. And so, my desire for us is that we would live out of that place. And that you would break through your boredom. And that you would break through the boredom in the pages — that you would stay there long enough until the fog lifts. Stay there long enough until the distractions cease. Stay there long enough until you’ve written all your emails, texted all your texts, and finally it’s just you and God 45 minutes later. 

We all got “AD”-somethin’. There aren’t any superhumans out there, there’s none of that. I’m just super in touch with my weakness and I’m super in touch that Corey gets in trouble if I’m away from Him too long. And that there comes a leanness in the soul that you can’t tell initially — but that happens over days, and weeks, and months, and years. It’s that there’s a slow trajectory where you begin to live off the embers of your gifting, your personallity, your charisma, your grace, and your favor. And the drunkness and deception is that you can equate that for spiritual reality. And I have a great fear within myself that I would trade gifting, connections, favor, da da da da — for spiritual reality with God. Intimacy. Oil on my heart. . . .”

— Excerpt from Corey Russell’s voice memo. 

Listen to Prayer is an Occupation up in the embed.

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