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A Sunday Talk Series by Michael Freeland Miller on July 29th.
Listen to the podcast here.
Wake up, find your phone, check the time, realize you have 10 more minutes before the alarm goes off and you have to begin your day. Wake up, hear the baby in the next room, it’s time to get the older kids to school whether they want to go or not. Wake up, having forgotten to set the alarm, scramble into clothes, barely remember to apply deodorant, and rush out the door. The daily list of to-do's is calling. It’s go time.

Whether our mornings are full of rushing children to school, last-minute work projects, meetings, or even slow breakfasting and walks with close friends, every one of us has the day ahead.

The week.
The month.
The year. 

And through it all, regardless the schedule, regardless the demands, regardless the temptation to run through time under the potential chaos of busyness, we have one marker to abide by: Rest. Busyness is not new to our day and age. Phones and Facebook are not introducing new themes of rapid pace or filing the day to humankind.  Since the beginning, whether it has looked like hard work or idle thinking, busy minds and lives have filled the earth. And since the beginning, we have had a rest precedent from the very Father of our time. He set the world in motion and ordained us to have responsibilities and minds that crave movement and creativity. And yet he also modeled and demanded we rest one day. And even more, He offers that we cast all our cares upon Him. Rest is a way of living offered to us by God. Not simply to slow down and take a Saturday off with family, but to live in a way that fully places reliance on Him. Rest is walking into the kids room to wake them for school with a knowledge that the Holy Spirit is promised for them throughout their day away from Mama.

Rest is knowing that you don’t walk onto the university campus alone but accompanied by the very King who gives knowledge and grants wisdom.
Rest is bringing the bills, the dinner plans, the bullet list of to-do’s and the very processes of our busy minds to the King of kings. Rest is relinquishing control of our days and our future.
Rest is the message that flows to our hearts even while we sleep: “I rest, He moves. If He promises, He completes. If I fall, He picks me up. If I can’t, He is able.”  

Wake up, and rest.


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