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A moment with Elyssa after a Tuesday Noon Prayer Set . 

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We sit in the room in front of the stage because we want something more.
We stand in the back with our arms raised because we know that He will pick us up.
We pace in the aisles with promises on our lips because we believe He hears us.
He is always close, and He always comes.

His presence, transforms everything.

And so we meet, morning night and in between.
Bringing praise, giving thanks, and partnering with His heart in prayer.  
Because we have tasted- in our own corners, in our own lives.
And we have seen- together, as a community.

His presence, transforms everything.

We first gathered to pray in a small room, a handful of families eager to see God change a city.
Years later we are still gathering, lately by the hundreds, in a building of our own.
And we are still praying. We are still eager.

Because His presence, transforms everything.

To visit one of our prayer rooms - choose a campus to visit. 

︎ 1350 Manufacturing St. Dallas, TX 75207
︎ partner@uroom.org