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Upperroom Global is a prayer and worship movement that exists to see God’s presence transform cities. 


The Movement

There is a fire in our hearts to see a move of God sweep across the globe. He is the preeminent answer to our greatest needs, and the only thing that will transform lives and cities. Our mission is to be an equipping engine for ministry to the Lord through planting local churches, events, training, funding modern-day Levites, and creating online media resources for the masses.

There are sobering projections about the two youngest generations, millennials and Gen Z, leaving the church in droves and the resulting impact on Christianity in the decades to come. However, this demographic are the primary consumers of UPPERROOM music and online content, and the largest audience at our events and church services. We see their hunger for an authentic and loving relationship with their holy and powerful Creator. But we are reaching only a small fraction of this demographic. We need a move of God. The common fare of traditional organized religion isn’t reaching them, and we are convinced God is ready to uniquely encounter and captivate young people globally. But we can’t do this alone. We need your partnership.


Global partners fund the UPPERROOM movement that is impacting cities all over the world. Will you join the movement and partner with us for $30/month?

Partner with us in prayer.
Partner with us financially.
Partner with us to see God’s presence transform cities and reform future generations.

Michael and Lorisa send regular communication to our Global partners about how their contribution is making a difference. We also offer exclusive "partner perks" to further engage with those who are sowing into the movement. We desire much more than a transaction between a non-profit and donor, which is why we are asking you to become a partner, not a donor. We want a relationship and to build family around this God-sized vision. Please join us.


︎ 1350 Manufacturing St. Dallas, TX 75207
︎ partner@uroom.org