Thanks for your interest in helping with writing. 

Here’s the challenge,

We have a couple of projects that need some writing.
We know what we want.
We know what we’re looking for.
So, when we see it, we will know. *No pressure.

SO, to test this thing out we are asking you to submit homework.

1. Send written/copywriting work you’ve done in the past year and explain what part you did in it. Explain what was difficult and what you enjoyed about the project.

2. If you haven’t done any work in the past, take a brand (one you like) and write a couple of headlines about that brand.
Copywrite to promote or sell the brand and also write a paragraph explaining what the mission and vision of the brand is. 
We want to see your style of writing and will not judge your writing according to whether you accuratly reflected the vision.
Do it in First-person.

For example:
Nike : Making the world run on expensive plastic.
We are Nike and we aspire to be the best shoe in the whole wide gigantic world.

Email no later than Thursday, September 13th at 2pm. PLS PLS.