His presence transforming lives, morning, noon, & night.

UPPERROOM is a community that gathers morning, noon, and night to minister to the Lord.

UPPERROOM exists to minister to the Lord by giving Him our thanksgiving and praise, to worship Him by agreeing with who He is, and intercede by agreeing with what He desires to do in our lives, city, and earth.

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A photo collage of the UPPERROOM Dallas building project

Building His House

We are expanding our capacity so His presence can transform even more lives through prayer and worship. Fourteen years ago, UPPERROOM began with a small prayer meeting above a vet clinic that has matured into a vibrant local community making an impact in the global church today.

Recent Releases

We minister to the Lord morning, noon & night. Our music projects are an overflow of what we do as a house of prayer.
A study into the life of a man after God’s own heart.
An album by UPPERROOM, available now.
The new book by Michael Miller.

Morning, Noon, & Night

Daily Prayer Room

Core Messages

Access to exclusive training and teaching content from our community of pastors and levites.

Learn to live
as His resting place.

Each year USM hosts students from across the nation. USM offers unique programs for First Year students, Second Year students, and Online Students each sharing the same goal: to provide a Biblical and practical understanding of what it means to minister to the Lord with their lives.

Our Team

The qualifications in Scripture for leaders can be summarized as commitment, conviction, competency, and character. Our leaders and governing members strive for excellence, integrity, and vulnerability as examples to everyone in the community, in every facet of life.
A collage of the UPPERROOM staff

Partner With Us

You are invited to sow into the future of UPPERROOM, to minister to the Lord, and build his house with us. Will you join us?
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