Lake Highlands Prayer Room

Eastside Community Church: ‍7730 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75231

A resting place for the Lord in Lake Highlands.


Prayer Room

Kid's Prayer Room

Our hearts are for children to be equipped with the Gospel and the heart of thanksgiving, worship, and intercession to engage with their families in the prayer room. We desire that children can come and encounter Father God’s love and leave empowered, knowing they are seen, known, heard, and loved! We value every child and want to direct them towards knowing the Father for themselves.

Drop-off: 6:00PM
Pick-up: 8:00PM

We receive children ages 1-10 years old.

Join us in building a resting place for the Lord in Lake Highlands.

We believe God is calling us to establish a culture of prayer and worship in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, TX. Lake Highlands is known as an area full of tight community and family-focused values. We long to see the people and families of LH turn their gaze to God first and foremost and to see His presence hosted among them.

We will see this happen through a weekly prayer set focused on ministering to the heart of the Lord through prayer, worship, and intercession. From this place, we will see His presence transform lives in the Lake Highlands community. Join us!

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