upperroom Books

Our written projects are an overflow of what we do as a house of prayer.

His House, His Presence

His House, His Presence is about how God took a small prayer meeting above a veterinarian clinic in Dallas to a global prayer and worship movement, known today as UPPERROOM. As founder and senior leader, Michael Miller got revelation that ministry to the Lord is every believer’s first and primary calling, he was pruned of his original ‘more comfortable’ plans to pastor a middle-class suburban church and instead yield his personal leadership gifts and desires to the Lord’s perfect leadership. Jesus said, “My house will be a house of prayer” (Matt. 21:13), and UPPERROOM is now a house of prayer committed to ministering to the Lord every morning, noon and night until Jesus returns. His House, His Presence is God’s original design for His church–a resting place for His presence on earth. Relevant to every Christian believer, and especially for faith leaders, Miller’s revelations will ignite conviction, simplicity, a return to Jesus, our first love, and a true longing for His return.


Big Jesus

BIG JESUS is a collection of stories that provokes a faith-filled pursuit of the knowledge of God. In each chapter, the boxes we have put around Jesus are exposed as Aaron’s testimonies display Him as bigger than we could ask or think. From life-changing provision, to a laptop battery miracle, to reconciliation that only Jesus could have brought forth, Aaron’s approachable and compelling storytelling takes us on a journey that incites wonder and begs the question, “What if Jesus is bigger than the boxes we have put around Him?”


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