His presence transforming women.

Women after the heart of God.

Come be a part of a sisterhood of women going after Him!

UPPERROOM Women’s Ministry exists to build relationships and equip women who are after the heart of God. We encourage you to be women of the Word, walking out your faith with wisdom and revelation. We spur one another on toward love in our families, community, and workplace. We meet on the last Tuesday of every month excluding holiday months.

Serve with our women's team.

God is calling you to build his house. If you are new to UPPERROOM, it is our desire that before you begin serving, you take at least 3 months to receive from the Lord in the prayer room, being transformed by His presence. Once you’re integrated into the community you can fill out the application to join our women’s team.

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Jevanna Cherrington

Women's Pastor, UR Dallas
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